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Author: Michael O'Sullivan, Senior Solaris Consultant

My first exposure to Sun Solaris was in 1994. It was with Motorola in Cork, Ireland. The standard environment was SunOS 4.1.3_U1 which is of course Solaris 1.1.1. Most of our users worked on NCD xterms, many of them being upgraded from black and white to the newer 21" colour ones. The hardware consisted mainly of Sun Sparc 5s, 10s, 20s and a couple of aging 3/70s. Our main file storage was on an Auspex system.

Over the following years my experience grew as did our network ... and customer base. Soon our group was supporting a much more varied technology base, including two more Auspex systems, several Ultra I and IIs, a 120x8mm capacity Exabyte juke box with four tape drives, an Apple Macintosh network and an ever increasing NT network.

Taking care of so many users in a quality driven organisation made it necessary to come up with new and innovative ways to handle the increasing workload with more and more efficiency and accuracy. Saving time, meeting deadlines, managing priorities and often conflicting interests meant that I had to automate as much of my duties as possible. This was a perfect introduction to scripting. Soon I was writing scripts in the standard Bourne and Korn shells and experimenting with Perl. The fun and sense of achievement was building up.

Having completed my SunOS 4.1.3 Systems Adminstration course in the early days I then progressed to the Solaris 2.x Systems Adminstration course. There was still so much to learn. By now I was getting more involved in the quality side of things while newer members of our group took on the more junior roles.

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