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Every UNIX Systems Adminstrator will need to develop scripts in the course of his/her duties. Solaris provides us with a number of different environments in which to run these scripts. These environments are called shells. Solaris comes with two popular scripting shells, the Bourne shell (/bin/sh) and the Korn shell (/bin/ksh). The Korn shell is an extended version of the Bourne shell and has some extra features like arrays, home directory abbreviation (~) and others that make it more convenient to develop in.

Why use shell scripts?

Shell scripts are used to automate many of the tasks which we would otherwise have to do manually. Simple scripts may be used to remove unwanted core files from your system or report on disk usage. Other, more complex scripts, may be used to provide a menu driven source code migration tool, or an administrative front end.

Examples of simple scripts

Sample scripts, including handy 'one-liners' are in my 'Scripts Repository'. You are free to browse and learn but if you wish to use these scripts please request permission to do so. Email for more info.

More complex scripts are also available in the 'Scripts Repository'. This area contains scripts written in the following shells: Bourne, Korn, C-shell, expect and perl.

I can send you a CD of quality scripts if you prefer. There will be a small charge for burning the latest scripts, postage and packaging.

Recommended books have a very wide range of good books to get you up to speed. Click here to see a selection.

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